Prices & plans


Area of plot
Building area
Jänese tee 2, commercial land
1983 m2

Lubja tee 39

Boks nr
Üldpind m2
Hind €

Lubja tee 41

The prices of the plots include VAT and fees for connection to the water & sewerage and electricity networks (3 x 25A). Connections to the gas and optical cable networks are available separately.

Free-standing houses and duplexes

The external appearance of the free-standing houses and duplexes excludes the use of historicist architecture, the timber house style and the thatched roof solution. No other restrictions have been placed on the external appearance. Nevertheless, in planning the buildings for the plots the external architecture of the houses that have already been erected should be taken into account, since the exteriors of the free-standing homes blend in with the surrounding environment and are stylistically pure and inventive. Free-standing homes should be planned for the site perpendicular or parallel to the boundary of the plot. No specific street-side building line should be set; the buildings could be situated so that the bulk of them is 5-10 metres from the street-side boundary of the plot. In the exterior finish of the buildings, preference should be given to light-coloured rendered surfaces and timber boards in natural tones. Modular stone with clean joints may also be used (with the colour of the joint filler being the same as that of the stone), but not covering more than 30% of the surface of the external wall on the street-side façade. With roofing materials, preference should be given to single-tone covering materials that are as flat as possible. In accordance with the detailed plans, free-standing homes can be constructed on the plots at Hundi 29 and Orava 3, while duplexes can be constructed on the plots at Orava 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8 and Jänese 1 & 3.