The Uuetoa planning zone is situated in Haabneeme and is bordered by Randvere, Hundi and Lubja roads.

The site covers 3.74 hectares, for which four townhouse developments (each with up to eight apartments), seven duplexes and two private homes are planned. One plot is also reserved as commercial land, while the Kuldkinga green area will remain in public use.

The planning zone is located close to the centre of Haabneeme. Next to it is a bus stop, while directly across the road is the newly opened Vimka skiing and snowboarding park. Not far from the area under development you will find shopping centres, a kindergarten, schools and Viimsi Spa, while the surrounding area will soon be home to a state upper secondary school, and a brand new sports hall is being erected alongside the modern stadium. The seashore is just a short walk away.

Construction of a water & sewerage system, electricity connection points, sealed roads, street lighting and points for connection to the gas network and for the use of optical-cable communications services will be completed in the planning zone by summer 2017. The planned electrical capacity is 3×25 A per consumption point.